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What's in store for 2021.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

 I think we all deserve a medal as we’ve dodged weaved and pivoted our way through 2020. 

We have made it to the end of the year with good cheer only to be locked down again in the northern beaches here in Sydney. A crazy time with my family Christmas gathering on hold. 

Zoom, Skype Wha't App and mobile phones all become the normal way to communicate and my sessions took off at and alarming rate. I am now totally booked out til 22nd Jan 2021.. ridiculous I know. If you really need to connect then email me at 

Burning Questions  are now the quickest way to connect  via  my website..“ Burning Questions “ this is a fabulous way to get a fast prediction. All you have to do is send in one burning question, something that is really bugging you… and bingo I will reply.  ( link here ). 

 What's in store for 2021

I have my eyes firmly set on 2021 as we enter the new era and solar eclipse on Monday 21st December. A truly significant time for us all. The dawning of the age of Aquarius that has been talked about, sang about, ( musical Hair ..)  and written about for decades is actually upon us. If you look at  the night sky from 21st Dec  onwards, facing West, you will see two large planets Jupiter and Saturn in alignment. They will appear close together and very bright. Jupiter is the largest. They enter the sign of Aquarius which is important for Astrologers. 

 All about You and Self Expression 

Going forward we will encounter huge developments and advances in technology as this is a period of lightness and creativity. Stepping out of the old routines, materialism, grounded old ideas will dissolve and new innovative thinking will surface and take hold. Humanity will start helping one another and speaking out for injustices.  Slowly there will be a real sense of peace and understanding and allowing the individual to truly express themselves. An exciting time ahead. 

  I send you a heartfelt wish for a safe and happy Christmas and fabulous start to 2021. Love and Peace to you all.. Pam