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About Pam

Pam believes there is one mind and we are all connected to the one mind, which she refers to as spirit. The spirit that runs through each of us is our life force.

The life force is everlasting light. It is eternal. It is pure spirit and cannot be destroyed. It creates worlds and is the ultimate consciousness that we all function with.

The life force is always expanding and creating and is stimulated by your thinking. Your imagination is the key to creating the life you wish to live.

There is nothing in life that is impossible. All that you desire is available to you once you believe you can achieve anything you desire.

You are the creator of all that happens in your life. Your thinking your attitude and your behavior determines how your life unfolds. There are many laws that govern how we live and once you are able to use the laws effectively you can change your whole life.

You are born to experience the very best from life, as life is purely love and beauty. It is up to each one of us to find our own way into this understanding. The reason we live is to explore being alive.

Live the adventure of life with a loving heart and clear picture of what you want and life will deliver all that you desire and more.





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