Sydney Psychic Readings

Clairvoyant and Medium Pam Bradbury specializes in the field of psychic readings. She has worked as a Clairvoyant for over30 years. Her sessions are accurate and riveting. Pam's sessions can be face to face, over the phone or via Skype.  

  • Clairvoyant and Medium sessions are held at Pam's office in Crows Nest in Sydney. 
  • She records the conversation on to an MP3 then sends the information to your phone or email address.
  • You can ask questions about aspects of your life that you require more detail or information about family members too. 
  • As a Medium Pam will connect you to loved ones in the spirit world, messages from departed loved ones reveal information and situations that validate the existence of life after death.
  • Pam's sessions enable you to feel confident about your future, she will tell you what to look out for and how to move forward with decisions that you want to make.  
  • Pam can tell you about romance, who you are likely to marry, personality traits of your partner, home life, children and family members. Pam will connect you to your career path, the type of employment you are best suited to. She can see your business dealings, and connect you with individuals to assist you. Pam will describe homes you have lived in and places you are yet to purchase. Pam's insight will give you a sense of the future which enables you to create opportunities that will enhance your life.


Clairvoyant and Medium sessions can be booked on-line via the website on the bookings page.. here