Dear Pam,

 You gave me a reading in December 2019. When I came to you, I was in a time of great distress (my wife just had an ectopic pregnancy – which led to surgery and removal of my wife’s left fallopian tube). It was a very sad and hard time. We had been trying for kids for over two years at the time.

 You predicted that my wife and I would fall pregnant in May 2020. You predicted that the child would be a boy. Well, I can tell you that your predictions on both accounts have come true! My wife fell pregnant in May 2020 (through IVF), and the child to come is a boy. We are over the moon to finally be blessed with extending our family.

Your gift is truly remarkable. All good wishes,

 Jason D



I sent you a Burning Question and your were so on to me.You got me in one. I was blown away with the reply. Your reassurance about the housing load was fabulous. I am now writing to let you know you were correct. We got the loan. Phew a huge relief. 

Sarah Patterson Sydney 

I came and saw you in October last year 2017 for a reading.  I have to say, I had goosebumps listening to the reading again - you were spot on with a number of things things occurring in my family, my wife's job, and myself moving to a new job detailing even the physical location of the company (Macquarie Uni)! 

Your reading took the worry out of our future prospects. 

 Damian P. Sydney. 


" You did a reading for me back on 7 November and you gave me 2 dates which I put in my calendar after our conversation.

 As soon as you started talking to me you told me that you could see me doing figures, adding things up and that I would get my answer at the end of November.  My partner and I happened to be going through the mortgage pre-approval process that very day, trying to work out how much we could borrow and it came through on 2 December.

 You also said that you could see a big move on or around 4 April 2019.  At the time you said that I had been renting for 25 years.  Fast forward to 4 April and it is the day after the end of the cooling offer period for the purchase of our first home!  We move in on 8 May.

 I'm just incredibly blown away by how accurate you were and just wanted to thank you!  You are amazing!" 

Lucy, Northern Beaches NSW



"Pam has helped me through a very challenging time both through her incredibly insightful readings and her ability to tap into the ways I needed to view my life differently."

Tracy Lines, Sydney 


"How she does it I do not know… over the phone she described my new home, the location, the price and the interior. I am thrilled to bits. Thanks Pam you are a true psychic…"

Glenda Patrick, Glebe.


"When we contacted Pam I was on holiday in Italy visiting my family. It was a joy for us all to sit in front of the computer, see Pam in person and then receive information about my darling Dad who had died some three years earlier. My whole family was moved to tears, tears of joy. Thank you Pam."

Camilla Borgesse.


"At my psychic house party in 2012 you absolutely blew the minds of all my girlfriends with your insight and knowledge of what was happening in their lives. Then you proceeded to tell them their futures. Even that Charlie would be president of the Surf Life Saving Association in NSW. It all happened. We are now devotee’s of Pam Bradbury."

Madeleine P. 




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