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Frequently asked questions

If this is your first experience with a clairvoyant medium or psychic, I recommend you read these frequently asked questions to prepare for your session.

Being prepared helps you to feel in control. This method of communication is very different to counseling or therapy. While it isn’t advisable to base critical life changing decisions on the information provided, you will certainly depart with a positive outlook on life and a refreshed perspective with regards to your situation.

Enjoy the experience as it is one opportunity to shine a light on you alone, to talk solely about yourself. 

How much do you charge?

$175 Skype reading (30 minutes + Mp3)
$175 phone reading (30 minutes + Mp3)
$500 house party (2 hours max 6-7 people)

What is the length of time of the session?

Phone and Skype readings are 30 minutes

How is the information recorded?

Sessions are recorded on my computer and downloaded on to an Mp3. Readings are emailed as MP3 attachments. Or sent to your phone

Where are you located?

I communicate with people from around the world through Skype and by phone. This is a highly recommended, economical, time efficient and successful appointment method.

How long have you been working?

30 years with clients located around the world.
Clients include individuals, intimate groups, large events with audiences up to 400, corporate predictions.

Do you use tarot, cards, runes, angel cards or crystals?

No I am a pure channel.

How do you access the information you communicate?

Through my inner senses; seeing, hearing, sensing and transferring the information to you in words and pictures.

Do you have testimonials?

Yes. Please review the testimonial section on my website.

Do you work with a guide or spirit?

No. I work by tuning into your vibration.


I’m scared you might give me negative information?

I focus on the lighter, life-affirming aspects of your future. My objective is to look for information that will motivate and inspire you to see your life differently. My goal is to shift your perspective on your life. To help you find a place of possibility and capability.


Can I take notes?

This is a great idea, as it is impossible to recall all the information shared. Most people are amazed when reviewing their notes, as they discover details they didn’t recall at the time. Don’t forget there is also a copy of the session to sent to you digitally, so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

Have you written any books or taught your craft?

Yes. My book, Confessions of a Clairvoyant is on Amazon and Kindle. I have been teaching people how to access their psychic ability for 25 years.

How many sessions do you have a week?

On average 20 people, a week and I have a waiting list of 3-4 weeks.

Do you offer other sessions besides psychic work, are you a healer too?

I do not provide body healings. I only work as a clairvoyant and medium connecting you with future predictions or loved ones in spirit.


How to assess your session

Did you feel at ease?
Did the meeting space feel safe and comfortable?
Did you feel relaxed?
Did you understand all the information?
Were a number of leading questions asked?
Was the reading recorded?
Were you allowed to ask questions?
Did the information flow easily and accurately?
How much of the information from your past was accurate?
Were names of family members raised?
Was there a summary of the session on closing?
Did you feel motivated, happy and excited about your life on departure?

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