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Personal Psychic Readings

There is an invisible world around each one of us. It is full of life’s potentials. I have the ability to look into this world for you. In my sessions as a psychic I will tell you all that I see ahead for you.

I always suggest you bring a list of questions with you. This enables you to gain as much insight as possible.

I identify spirit as everlasting light and joy. I have accessed the invisible world thousands of times in order to receive messages from departed loved ones. The messages can bring great comfort, relief and a sense of peace to family members in their grief.

Private sessions are held at my office in Crows Nest. The sessions are for 45 mins. I record the information for you on CD or MP3. Payment can be credit card, direct debit or cash prior to the booking, you can book on line here.





  • Personal one-on-one session in Pam’s Sydney Office.

  • Address: 133 Alexander St. Crows Nest.

  • Sessions are for 45 mins in duration

  • Recorded information on CD or MP3

  • Payment credit card/cash/direct debit

Cost: $200