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Telephone Psychic Sessions

As a Clairvoyant / Medium wherever you are in the world I have the ability to tune into you. Once we make a connection over the telephone and I hear your voice I begin to receive information about your life. Images and pictures appear before me as I listen to your voice. I am then able to tell you what I see, hear and predict about your future. You can ask questions when you are ready, although on most calls I will have answered your inquiry intuitively before you ask.  

The 30 mins sessions are recorded as I speak and your voice and responses can be heard too. The information is then sent to you as an MP3  to your phone or email.. which ever you prefer. Payment can be credit card or direct debit prior to the booking, you can book on line here.  




  • Telephone readings are 30 mins in duration

  • Recorded information is on to CD or MP3

  • Send your phone number and I will call you
  • Payment credit card/direct debit
Cost: $175