Pam Bradbury is one of Sydney’s top psychics and mediums. She has worked with her psychic gift for 30 years. Pam is a published author, radio presenter, talk back show psychic on 2UE and Triple M Sydney and guest psychic on  Get a Life Channel 7Me and TV Channel 31 Melbourne.  

Her clients include people from all walks of life.  International business executives, CEOs of major corporations, top media presenters, eminent political figures, film producers, actors, writers, teachers, etc.   All value the information and motivation that Pam gives them in both their personal and business lives.
Pam runs seminars and workshops in both NSW and WA. Her events and workshops include psychic development, spiritual connections and how to live the life of your dreams. All courses are available through her website.
Pam has worked with thousands of people over the last 30 years both privately and in public situations. Her ability to use her intuitive mind to access information to enhance other people’s lives is remarkable.
To be able to predict the future and explain situations that are about to unfold in a practical sensible manner is her unique gift.
Her ability to access the spirit world leaves you in no doubt that life is eternal and we live on forever.
Pam lives on Scotland Island in Pittwater with her husband Colin and has three grown-up children and three grandchildren. She spends her leisure time sailing their yacht Hakuna Matata. Call Pam today if you are looking for the best Clairvoyant / Medium Reader in Sydney. You can book on-line here






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