Children are Psychic Too

I have spoken to several parents who are often concerned when they realise their child is actually seeing spirit people. Other parents start to worry when they realise that they have a child that can foretell events that are about to happen. There is a dimension beyond the physical world. It is just not visible to everyone, children are open to this dimension as they are not imbued with fear and doubt.

You know it is natural and super to allow your children to indulge in the idea of a world of make believe. It is after all the starting place for dream building. I love working with a child’s imagination especially when it is driven by the way ‘they’ see the world. The imagination of a child is so wonderful and magical.

My eleven year old grandson really is certain that his Nannie has magical powers. He is fascinated by the concept. I decided to teach him how to enter this altered state of awareness. I explained to his parents the process and his Mum and Dad agreed to let him have a go.

After several weeks of helping him to work with relaxation techniques it became obvious he had grasped the idea. He could create the relaxed state in seconds.

Eventually he was ready to explore his ability, to think nothing and see things that are invisible or not in the room. He was very excited. I talked him through an imaginary journey of make believe, this is so easy for kids to do. I then asked him to imagine he was sitting in my car. He said he could feel the seats, then I asked him what was on the floor near his feet?

He went for it . He said he saw a bag, a large brown bag, it had a picture or pattern on the front. It was very heavy. When I then asked him what was in the bag. Without hesitation he said “money, coins lots of coins”. He was correct, I was blown away.

Then we went out to the car to check it out. He too was thrilled with the results. It was then he said. “Oh I get it, the brain has to be switched from the left to the right. It is like a switching station. Then if I slow it down the energy is in the middle. I can see in the middle. You have to look in the middle, correct Nannie?” “Yes”, I said, “You have got it.” “Oh I see” he replied. “This is easy.”

Can you believe his grasp of this concept? It has taken me decades to work this out. He had the understanding in one simple session. Wow go Ethan. I am sure you will be an amazing psychic if you keep practicing.