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How does a Clairvoyant see what they see?

How does the clairvoyant eye work?

What is a clairvoyant and how do they see what they see?

The word Clairvoyant is French and means clear seeing. Images come through the mind or inner eye of the clairvoyant, they are just like a picture on the TV screen. The Clairvoyant then explains what they can see and the information unfolds. It is a fascinating process for a Clairvoyant and extremely intriguing method of working.

For example, If a client is wanting information on a house they are going to purchase or rent, I will then describe the house I see through my inner vision.

A recent client Lisa sent me this feedback.

“You asked me to let you know if you were right about my moving house – probably not such a surprise to you, that I stumbled upon the perfect place on Saturday and am moving in two weeks – it was exactly as you described it – and you were so specific! Even though it is perfect for us – somehow it feels even more perfect knowledge, it was going to happen anyway!!!” Lisa from Sydney.

There are two other aspects or perceptions that a Clairvoyant uses. The second is Clairaudient which means clear hearing. When I access this ability I am listening on a deep level, this is often information about situations, people issues, and outcomes.

Ally from Bondi asked about her job, I gave her details about two bosses, here is the feedback.

“ You told me about two people that were coming into my life with the same name, like Michael or Matt, you told me they would be a huge influence in my life. This week I scored the new job I was looking for. I have to answer to two male bosses, they are both called Michael, one is in the Sydney office and the other is in the Melbourne office. You were correct, you have blown me away,” Ally from Bondi.

The third part of the clairvoyant ability is clairsensing is the ability or inner perception of feelings, this method of transferring information is through what I feel and sense about dates, timelines, and outcomes. This often includes health issues and emotional dilemmas.

I will sense dates and months which are going to dominate in the future and give these dates to the client.

For example, this feedback is from Trish in Perth.

I gave Trish a date of July 17th, 2019. Several months after the reading over the phone, she called me to tell me about a situation regarding her husband and a court case, which is booked for 17th July 2019. At the time I spoke to her in late 2018, this incident had not happened. The issue was highly negative. I did not see the situation in the reading, I only heard and sensed the dates. We are yet to hear the results. I sensed the outcome was good.

When a clairvoyant uses all three aspects of the inner abilities she is connecting first with her own vibration and psychic ability then with the clients world and what is happening for them.

Each clairvoyant will use these abilities in different ways, no two clairvoyants are the same. However, it does take practices to develop these abilities and many years to hone these skills. It is worth realizing that the more experience the clairvoyant has had to work in this field the more accurate their readings will be.

I always caution people by saying, “You can’t make life-changing decisions with this information. You can only use it in retrospect.” It is just a guide or a light to shine on your pathway through life.