Jono visits a Chef

I know there are many people that have had similar experience to mine. Often people call me because they have seen spirit, in their homes and places of work.

Only recently a young chef rang me to discuss a situation that had happened to him a few months earlier. He said it scared him silly for a few minutes, then he realised who it was. 

Rob was just finishing putting food back into the fridge. Everyone had gone home it was his turn to lock up the premises. He turned to close the door and there at the back door stood a young guy. He was only visible from the waist up. He looked familiar. Rob froze as they both looked at each other. He could not see his legs, only his torso, shoulders and face. He was a big guy with huge smile and masses of hair.

He instantly knew this man was actually dead. He also knew it was real, that he was really seeing a ghost or spirit. As quickly as he realised all this, the guy sort of spoke to him, Rob explained.  It was more like, he knew what he wanted to say inside his own head. The spirit said “tell my sister I am ok, that I am happy and to stop worrying about me. Tell her to get on with her life.”

As soon as the words were relayed, the spirit disappeared. Rob sat down and found he was shaking. He pinched his own arm to make sure he was not dreaming. He sat for a while not quite believing what had happened. He always assumed that ghosts where from older generations and old time frames at least a 100 years ago. This guy was sure real and young and the same age as himself. Then like an electric light bulb coming on he remembered his neighbour had just lost her brother in a car accident. He had only met him a couple of times, he could not recall his name. He decided to hurry home and pop round to chat with her. By the time he got home he had remembered the guys name. Johno he was convinced it was him.

Jane his neighbour was okay with ghosts and spirit ideas. Rob recounted his story and was still shaken by the experience.  He told her in minute detail all that had happened. He then asked. “Why do you think that I only saw Johno from the waist up?”

Jane sadly, told Rob the reason. Johno had been killed in a bad road accident with a semi trailer both his legs had been badly crushed. Maybe he wanted to get your attention by you seeing only part of him. 

All Rob knew was that he had to tell Jane that night. That Johno seemed insisted that he acted quickly. Jane was thrilled that her brother was okay. She missed him so much. She did add that Rob’s visit had lifted her own spirits and she would take on board what Johno had said.

Rob was now a believer in the after life. He did not question it anymore. He only wanted to share this happening with me as a medium for reassurance that he was not crazy or loosing it.

Sometimes we meet spirits in our homes too.  Often they are present in houses that have been empty for some time. Historical homes appear to have many such visitors. It is almost like residual energy that reveals itself in a human form. It’s benevolent and no harm is meant by its presence. The old mediums used to assist these lost spirits and ask them to turn and go towards the light. 

Today we do not hear of the presence of spirits in quite the same way, but occasionally I still get phone calls to reassure people that it is real and they are not going crazy.