Baby on the Way

There was a knock on my door and there stood a pretty young lady in her early thirties. She was my first psychic reading for the day. I knew immediately what her burning questions would be. “When am I going to meet Mr Right, and will I have kids?”

I decided not to enter into that conversation immediately. It was a loaded question.

So I skirted around the topics and gave Shelley all the other information that I had flooding through my psyche. The session was coming to a close and I stood up to open the door.

At this point I casually said “please stop worrying about meeting the right guy. You will marry the man next door and have a little girl within twelve months of your wedding.” However my other throw away line was. “Oh goodness you better get your ovaries sorted out though, as there is a problem with the left one.”

She bolted out of the front door with a grin from ear to ear. I did wonder whether she heard the last comment!

A couple of years later I was having a quiet cup of coffee on my verandah when a large four wheel drive pulled into my drive way. Out popped a young lady with a charming smile and quickly said “You don’t remember me do you?”

“No.” I replied.

“Well I am Shelley and a couple of years ago you told me my fortune, and I wanted to come here today to show you my beautiful baby girl.” There in the car sat a divine blonde curly haired button of a child.

Shelley retold her story to me. When she left me the day of the reading on a high, she said she could hardly wait to get home to tell her Mum all that I had said. She also said she dreamed of her husband every night after the reading. Then one day she was at her sister’s house for a bbq and was introduced to their new neighbour Keith. Shelley gave him little attention at the time. But over the next few months every time she visited her sister, Keith seemed to be there. Keith eventually plucked up courage to ask Shelley out. The rest is history. The two of them where married just 6 months after the first date. Yes the man next door.

Within three months of the wedding Shelley was having a lots of abdominal problems, she said she remembered what I had told her. The local doctor did not think it was a female problem however, Shelley asked him for a scan on her ovaries. He was reluctant at first. However the scan revealed a cyst on the left ovary and an operation was booked. The doctor told Shelley no sex for the next week and none after the op for a month. The op was a great success, two months later at her GP’s surgery she asked when she could think of starting a family. And why had her monthly cycle not returned. The GP said lets run some tests. Yes, she was pregnant. The dates revealed that she was actually pregnant at the time of the op. To their surprise little Sarah Jane was born exactly twelve months after Keith and Shelley’s wedding.

Shelley said, she never forgot the session we had together and was so thrilled with her life that she wanted me to meet her darling miracle daughter. She also disclosed that she did not dare tell the doctor that a psychic had told her about her ovaries or that she would have a child so quickly. Little Sarah Jane definitely wanted to have Shelley and Keith as her mum and dad – she was coming into this world against all the odds.

A happy story with a lovely ending. It is so rewarding when clients return to tell me of their outcomes.

I have discovered that the whole point in psychic readings is that is enables the client to believe in their own desires and dreams. When an independent person sees for them exactly what they want, the desire and dream becomes a focused image for them too. The events come together quicker when the belief is embedded with emotion of joy.

How do we see with the inner eye.

I am able to see things around people because they are already there. The events are reality about to unfold. The past is the materialised world, the present is the conceptual world and the future is the unmaterialised events or things about to come into existence.