Be your own Psychic

It is possible. You just have to stop thinking and allow yourself to drift off to what I call la la la land. As you get into this soft relaxed state of reverie. You will be able to see for yourself. Just like a psychic. You will need a few tools to assist you. Try this…

you will need

This is what you do:

  1. Cut the gold card in to a large shape circle, heart etc. Write you name in the middle. Glue this to the centre of your coloured card.
  2. Put the date in the top left hand corner of your large card in bold text.

  3. Switch off the phones, mobiles included. Play soft relaxing music.

  4. Sit really still for approx 5 mins. Concentrate on thinking about nothing. Visualize a white blank screen or canvas across your vision. Try and stop the mind chatter. Just sit still, empty your mind. Focus on your breath as it goes in and out of your lungs. CONCENTRATE. After 5 mins open your eyes.

  5. Place the card in front of you and using the right hand side of the card. Start to draw whatever comes into your head, anything. You might start drawing stars, flowers, circles. Doodle away until things start to form ideas or shapes. Keep going for about 15-20 mins. Cover the right hand side of the card with as many images as possible. STOP when you feel you have drawn enough.

  6. Then return to your silent space again and FOCUS on all the things that you would love to have in your life. 5 mins is all you need.

  7. Choose a different coloured pen and this time using the left hand side of the card. Start writing words, Allow the words to flow out of your head. Start with odd single words then sentences will start to flow. Keep up this word flow until the card is completely covered. This might take longer than the drawing exercise. Keep going.

  8. Notice the date that you have written. Find a space on the card and write a second date. This date needs to be at least 3 months to 12 months ahead. Write the new date on the top right hand corner.

  9. Using the reverse side of the coloured card, write out all the things in your life that you are grateful for. I am grateful for the following things in my life: cover the reverse side of this card with statements about gratitude. Look at the card for a final time.

  10. Place your hands on the work and bless the process. Spend 3-5 mins in silence with this work, thinking about your future. Then place the card under your bed. Leave it there for approx 3 – 6 months then take it out and have a look at what has transpired. You will be amazed.

I hope you have enjoyed this exercise.

Good luck with the messages.

Love from Pam