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What is a medium? How does a medium do, what they do?

Mediums connect with loved ones in the spirit world.

A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone’s past, present, future, or all three. It is almost like an internal barometer. A Psychic reading can offer guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective, or strategies for dealing with challenges in life and situations that you are trying to sort out. 

 A medium is very different they connected with recognisable loved ones in spirit, they are able to give enough detailed evidence to demonstrate that they’re really linking with a specific individual. It is a supernatural method of communication from one dimension to another. Just like a telephone line. 

 Mediumship doesn’t involve predictions, or analysis of one’s career, finances, or love life. It is generally all about the deceased person life story and connection to the client. Which means how they related and what part they played in the clients life. 

 The intention of mediumship is to let the sitter know that their deceased loves ones are still a part of their lives, provide closure and bereavement support, and diminish fear of death. 

 Loved ones in spirit may offer messages of love, support, and healing, or specific information understood only by the client. This can be names, birthdays, homes and information about significant events that have happened. In other words, evidence of their continued inclusion in the clients life, even though the deceased relatives can’t be seen. 


 I find this form of communication reverting and so absorbing. For me personally it is a great privilege to be able to connect my clients with a deceased relative, to, then receive information that assists the client, and connect the deceased family member. I know that all the lights, light up in heaven when the connections are made. 

I have had connections over the years with mother’s father’s brothers, sisters, children grand parents and many other family members.

I have channeled mother’s who tell their daughters they know about the new baby in the family, house moves, holidays and much more. I have often had deceased relatives tell me about their physical lives in great detail, from where they lived to how many children they have had, and all about their careers before they died. I can truly say I have never met a negative, angry or distressed deceased spirit, there seems to be only peace, bliss and joyfulness in the space we call afterlife. 

 As a medium, when you open up to the spirit world, there is a sense of togetherness. You feel that we are all one, one eternal energy, going on forever. Eternal lightness, brightness and wholesomeness. From my observation in the spirit world, there is one element that binds us all, that is Love… there is only love… everything else is just experiences. 

 When I speak with spirits ‘love’ is the main message that is given. 

 “ To love life, to love one another, and be kind to one another.”