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Hurray 2017 is here.... a year of Human Kindness

The Year of Human Kindness

What a great summer we are having to start this fabulous new year...As usual, time is melting away literally. Did you know that in the world of numerology this is known as a ' One Year?'  Which means it is time to start new things, plan, create, decide, the year to make all the new things happen that you wish for yourself.

The One year does signify hard work and attention to detail, it really means we all have to pay attention and keep on the program. No time to waste day-dreaming. It is a get going.

As we move into the NEW presidency in America we herald the NEW for sure... and what will this year be like?

2017 through the eye of a Psychic.

Actually, a year for financial growth and stability in the stock market which will take the heat off the property market as the focus will be all on the banks and the interest rates. The property market will still be a good option for investment but the stocks and share markets will flourish. However, it is fairly expensive to jump into for the small investor. Blue chip stock and bank shares would be the best options. As they are low risk.

If you are looking at changing your job or plan a career move this is the year to do it. Be smart do your research and get informed. You need to have all the answers and be ready for the interview with precision.

If you want to sell your home wait until the middle of the year when the bargain hunters have disappeared and the market is flat. You will get a better price as the stock of houses will be scarce.

In the area of romance take it slowly nothing happens in the area of love this year in a hurry, it is, slowly does it. No rushing in where angels fear to tread. But romance is a wonderful thing and to be enjoyed for sure.

Family issues and health issues will surface out of the blue this year with unexpected outcomes that will pull the family together, families will put their differences behind them and offer helping hands when needed. Acts of Human Kindness start at home, remember!

The world is spinning around for another 360 days and we all don't even feel the pull, we are oblivious to the movement. Isn't that amazing? I love to hear of people's travel plans and know that visiting other cultures bring us all closer

This year is a year to listen to people from other cultures, a year for tolerance, compassion and walking in someone else's shoes.. a time to be present to other people's life stories. Again you will be reading abut the unsung hero and people with tremendous stories that help you realise we in Australia live in a privileged country. 

It is a year of the helping hand and acts of human kindness.. we will all feel charged to do things for other people in small and simple ways. 

I welcome this year as a turning point in all our lives, it is an important year of NEW beginnings.

My Prediction for 2017 is that is will be the year of Human Kindness, which will bring us all a little closer together..


" My family spent many hours on floating birds this summer trying to avoid the heat... thanks to my brother in England who sent the BIG BIRDS " 

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