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Happy Christmas 2023

Acts of Human Kindness at Christmas with Love from Me.

Happy Christmas to you.

I do hope that 2023 has been a gentle kind and compassionate year for you.

With all the turmoil and anger in the world today it is so important to remember kindness and compassion for ourselves and others. 

My message of kindness hopefully stretches across the airwaves to you all.

Next year is the year to sense the need to stay internally focussed as we move towards the Age of Aquarius.

This is the start of a truly remarkable period of change and evolution for us on personal levels. Plus the planet as it moves into new phases with climatic activity that is un-controllable for us tiny specs of humanity in a vast universe. 

Checking in daily to your inner word and being aware of your deeper thoughts and how you want to create your external world is going to be essential in 2024.The speed with which life is going to move is incredible with the introduction of more and more AI technology. 

It will become normal to feel like you are in a flying saucer, flying in a fast and vast universe. Often you will feel out of control. 

Finding time to stop and be with yourself will become essential. Then being there for your family as individual members will need you at different times. Taking the time out to talk and share concerns and listen to the worries of others will help you to ground your busy fast flowing 2024. 

I see us all needing to anchor ourselves with nature and spend more time out doors where we can be without doing anything. This activity is therapeutic for all our souls. 

I see 2024 as a fabulous year fast, crazy, exciting and full of surprises. Hang on to the sides of your seat and hold tight. 

We will all need telescopes to see what we have experienced by the end of 2024

Enjoy have fun explore and use compassion empathy and human kindness as your mantra next year. 

If each and every one of us practised kindness then John Lennon's Christmas song.."  Happy Christmas...(War is over ...) " would be a magnificent outcome for 2024.

I wish every one a safe and relaxing holiday and thank you all for the support and love that I have received throughout 2023  

Love and human kindness blessing for Christmas and throughout the New Year..