Getting where you want to go fast

Did you know? There is a way to get what you want without doing very much? Nobody tells you how to do this. Here is one really great way of creating what you want fast…

All you have to do is be very clear with yourself. The aspect of ourselves that gets in the way of what we want is our conscious thoughts. The voice in our heads that chatters on to us all day sometimes gets in the way.

In order to sort out your life at a basic level you really have to start listening to your internal voice.

The mindless chatter has to be filtered by you. If you allow all the rubbish thoughts to run your life then you are not going to get where you want to go.

There is a method of goal setting that helps people enormously. The method is all about setting targets and going for the goal. However I am discussing here is prior to the goal setting strategy.

I am talking about self talk.

I am sure you have had these sort of chats with yourself.

“That sister of mine, she get’s all her own way, what I would do to get just one of her lucky days”

“I hate that women at work who thinks she is a big cheese, who does she think she is?”

“Why do some people get what they want out of life and I end up with absolutely nothing?”

“Nothing good ever happens to me.”

“It is just not fair, how come I get paid on a Friday and all my money is gone by Monday?”

“If only I could get over this weight problem, I would then meet the guy I dream about.”

All these types of self talk nonsense is actually damaging your inner world. The statements are actually keeping you in the place you have been for many years.

In order to change your world and the way your life is. You have to change the dialogue in your head.

It is not positive thinking. It is much more than that.

To be aware of the quality of your thoughts on a daily basis takes masses of self awareness.

When we self talk in a destructive manner we are actually creating damage inside our bodies and mind energy.

No one knows what the mind looks like. But we do know there are two aspects of the mind energy.

There are two minds – your conscious mind and the subconscious.

Each mind does a specific activity for you.

The conscious mind is the one you really need to keep healthy with great quality thoughts.

Check in with yourself as often as possible and listen to the chatter in your head. It is developed through the conscious mind.

Then be totally aware and screen what you are hearing. Keep the channel of chatter really sparkly clean and clear.

The reason for the spring cleaning is that as you think these great quality thoughts you are dropping them straight into your subconscious mind.

Yes straight into the subconscious mind. Where they sit there, or stick there, like glue. Yes just like glue.

They remain there permanently.

Plus the subconscious mind does not know whether they are great or not. All that is happening is that these buried thoughts are always available to you.

The subconscious mind will play those old thoughts back to you whenever you want to hear them again. Just like an old record. They then become what you believe about yourself.

It is startling when you realise that our lives are run through the subconscious mind as it is our store house.

The conscious mind is always working on the NOW and the future.

The subconscious is working on the past. It delivers to you from the past messages that you have dropped there. You have asked for those thoughts that are now beliefs to become your reality. Goodness that could be dangerous!

Spring cleaning is available for us all.

Spring clean from the conscious mind first then the subconscious will become your summer garden.

Yes, it does take some effort.

It is great fun when new and really wonderful things come to you out of the blue.

Once you see the new and great things happening to you, you will realize it is the result of changing your thoughts.

Wow yahoo. Here comes the new you.