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Skype Psychic Sessions

If you have access to Skype we can create a face-to-face psychic session over the Internet. This is a marvelous way to see me and make a connection from wherever you are. Once the Skype call is connected I will tune in to you immediately. I will start to describe aspects of your life that appear to me through my psychic ability. The information could include your career, relationship, health, finances, family, travel or social situations. 

Skype sessions are for 30 mins. I record the information and send it to you on CD or MP3 whichever you prefer. Payment can be credit card or direct debit prior to the booking, you can book on line here.





  • Skype session on pc or mac
  • Please send your Skype number when booking
  • Recorded information on to CD or MP3
  • 30 mins in duration
  • Payment credit card/direct debit
Cost: $150